How to Keep Your Car Young in 2018

How to Keep Your Car Young in 2018Taking care of your car is an absolute necessity, but with this fast-changing industry, what methods will get the best results? After all, every driver wants to ensure their car lasts as long as possible! Here are a few tips from to help keep your car young in 2018.

Change the Oil

If there’s one car maintenance tip that’s remained a constant throughout the years, it’s to change the oil on a consistent basis. While the 3,000-mile rule is long outdated, drivers should still adhere to the oil change intervals provided in the owner’s manual. If you don’t have access to an owner’s manual, calling the dealership is your next best option.


While modern parts are made to last much longer than parts of the past, they still need to be lubricated to operate at peak performance. Having a professional technician ensure your vehicle’s parts are properly lubricated will keep you on the road with fewer issues for years to come.

Apply Wax

A proper wax job can help protect a car’s paint and keep it looking as good as new for years. Quality car wax will provide protection from the sun and other elements when applied every six months or so.

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