Tipton County 4-H Fair Is Just Around the Corner

Events in Tipton | Dan Young | Tipton, INSummer is home to plenty of events in Tipton, and we at Dan Young GM are particularly excited about the 2018 Tipton County 4-H Fair.

This year’s fair will take place July 10-15. The schedule is filled with events and exhibitions that will showcase the hard work of local students who participate in 4-H. You’ll have the opportunity to witness cat and dog shows, livestock exhibitions, horse showmanship competitions and the 4-H Queen Pageant. You’ll also be able to view a wide variety of 4-H projects, from gardening and cooking to fine arts and engineering.

Family Friendly Entertainment

A bicycle rodeo, a tractor and truck pull (and a youth pedal tractor pull), a color fun run, a youth talent show, a fashion revue and more will be featured at the 4-H this year! You’ll also be able to kick back and enjoy plenty of live entertainment, including an appearance by the popular Electric Amish musical comedy act. No Tipton County 4-H Fair experience would be complete without scrumptious snacks, so while you’re there, don’t forget to stop by one of the many food booths and enjoy an elephant ear, corn dog or lemon shake-up.

New Avenir Trim on Buick Enclave Makes Impression

Buick Enclave Avenir trim

New Avenir Trim

When Buick originally unveiled the Avenir, the concept car hinted at a new and more luxurious direction for Buick’s lineup. Now that vehicles such as the Buick Enclave have received the new Avenir trim, it has come to represent affordable luxury for Buick drivers. The Buick Enclave Avenir has made an impression on reviewers and critics in the industry, bridging the gap between entry-level luxury and range-topping sophistication. We’re proud to offer it here at Dan Young GM.


The 2018 Buick Enclave Avenir provides modern drivers with a more upscale option for a family hauler. The interior was designed to comfortably accommodate three rows of passengers in style and solitude while still providing ample cargo space; on the outside, the Buick Enclave Avenir is designed with sleek, classy lines that seem compact and lightweight. Luxurious chrome accents and a bold, confident front grille are all part of the package.


The new Avenir trim on Buick models could be compared to the Denali trim on GMC vehicles —  it provides a step up from your typical Buick nameplate, providing more standard features, exterior upgrades, and a premium interior packed to the brim with soft, quality materials and smart technology. This new direction for the Buick Enclave and other models in Buick’s lineup is helping to revamp the brand’s image and appeal to a wider audience of consumers.

Fun Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Summer Activities

Looking for fun outdoor summer activities that are also kid-friendly? Here are a few ideas from Dan Young GM.

Have a Picnic

Good food, nice weather, and a comfy blanket in the park all come together to make an excellent summer memory. It’s even more fun if you get the whole family in on food prep!

Fly a Kite

Summer is a perfect time to take your family out to a park to fly a kite. Just make sure it’s a windy day.

Make a Scavenger Hunt

Spark your family’s imagination and bring everyone together for a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt. Give your kids clues and help them figure out riddles. It’s even more fun if you make the “treasure” something cool.

Go Camping

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than to spend the night in it? Whether you’re staying in a cabin, sleeping in an RV, or pitching a tent, camping is a good family bonding activity that can involve hiking, fishing, swimming, bonfires, survival skills, and numerous other activities.

Ride Bikes

A fun way to keep the little ones active while still having fun is to go for a bike riding. There’s nothing quite like learning to ride a bike, and it’s a great way to make memories and get some fresh air at the same time.

Use these as a starting point to brainstorm some fun summer activities of your own!

New GMC Sierra 1500 Designed To Deliver More Luxury

GMC Sierra 1500The main goals of the pickup truck segment are typically power, capability, and a comfortable driving experience, which the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 delivers in spades. But more and more, trucks are offering drivers something a bit unexpected — range-topping luxury.

All models of the all-new GMC Sierra 1500 will be taller and longer, providing a more spacious feel, while every trim level will have its own exclusive grille. A long list of high-tech features and different wheel sizes — all the way up to 22-inch wheels — gives drivers the options they crave, while the top-of-the-line Denali trim is sure to impress drivers with its upscale vibe. Leather seating, dark-finish aluminum, open-pore wood, and contrast stitching are just a few touches you’ll see on the inside of the Sierra 1500 Denali.

2019 GMC Sierra 1500


The 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 was built for more appealing luxury without compromising its powerful drivetrain. It was constructed for a new and tougher look, too, with an aerodynamic exterior design that includes carbon fiber in its truck bed. The unique design, called CarbonPro, is said to be more durable than steel or aluminum.

Here at Dan Young GM, we’re excited to welcome the new GMC Sierra 1500 for those drivers who want an unparalleled VIP experience to go along with all that capable performance.

Chevrolet Keeping Silverado 1500 Chassis Cab Model Under Wraps

Silverado 1500 Chassis Cab

Silverado 1500 Chassis Cab

Chevrolet’s best-selling lineup of Silverado trucks has a commercial truck alternative. At the 2018 Work Truck Show, Chevrolet debuted the new 2019 models of the Silverado 4500HD, 5500HD, and 6500HD chassis cab trucks, but one model was conspicuously missing — the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 chassis cab. The commercial chassis cab version of the popular mainstream truck would combine drivability with top-notch capability for a more professional driving experience.

Even though the Silverado 1500 chassis cab model didn’t show up for the Work Truck Show, at Dan Young GM, we’ve seen that Chevrolet has still been testing out the 2019 model year behind the scenes. Spy shots of the anticipated vehicle recently showed up, as photographers captured images of a prototype being tested at General Motors’ Proving Grounds in Michigan. The prototype is thought to be a boxless option for entrepreneurs and professionals interested in a commercial fleet option. One of the most noticeable changes would be the inclusion of a rear bumper, as previous generations of the Silverado 1500 chassis cab eliminated it.

Chevrolet may not be unveiling the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 chassis cab just yet, but it’s looking positive for drivers seeking a box-delete option on the new Chevy Silverado 1500. Between larger models and the 1500, drivers will have multiple choices for commercial fleet trucks.

Chevrolet Bolt EV Aims To Attract New Drivers to Green Car Segment

2018 Chevrolet EV Bolt2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV

For a long time, hybrids, electric vehicles (EVs), and other “green cars” have been regarded as a niche market for buyers who are invested in being environmentally friendly. However, more and more, EVs and hybrids are gaining traction among drivers who want to save big on their gas budget. The Chevrolet Bolt EV was introduced by Chevy in an attempt to make so-called “green cars” more friendly to mainstream buyers.

One of the biggest hurdles to attracting new drivers to the segment was expanding the EV’s mileage. Many other EVs have difficulty keeping a charge for an extended length of time or distance, which caused what many industry experts called “range anxiety” among potential buyers. But when the Chevrolet Bolt came out, its big selling point was that the battery had been fine-tuned to keep drivers rolling for over 200 miles. The increased mileage of the Chevy Bolt helped alleviate “range anxiety.”

The stylish and appealing design of the Chevrolet Bolt EV helped attract the attention of customers who maybe weren’t as interested in going green before the Bolt’s debut. The Chevrolet Bolt also offers a sleek and comfortable interior. All of this comes at a more affordable price than comparable rivals, too, making the Chevy Bolt an excellent choice for buyers new to the EV segment.

To experience the amazing features of the eco-friendly Chevy Bolt, visit Dan Young GM for a test drive.

All-New Traverse RS Offers a Sportier Driving Experience

2018 Chevrolet Traverse

2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS

The Chevrolet Traverse got a makeover when Chevy introduced a next-gen redesign for 2018. In addition to the redesigned Traverse, the all-new Traverse RS is hitting the auto industry. It features everything from a standard turbocharged engine to more aggressive styling cues. This new trim level will give you the option of a more athletic and fun-to-drive choice among the Chevrolet Traverse’s lineup.

Some notable updates to the design of the Traverse RS include blacked-out accents of the grille, window trim, roof rails, and emblems. The 20-inch aluminum wheels also feature a “Dark Android” finish. Under the hood of the Chevrolet Traverse RS is an exclusive engine option, a direct-injection EcoTec 2.0-liter Turbo engine that delivers 257 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. The engine will be mated to a new nine-speed automatic transmission.

The all-new Traverse RS will also come with a variety of upscale tech, from convenience to safety. Systems and features include Surround Vision, a 10-speaker Bose® sound system, tri-zone automatic climate control, and remote start. Infotainment systems such as the Chevrolet MyLink system and a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot will also come standard on the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS.

Visit Dan Young GM to test drive the all-new 2018 Chevrolet Traverse.

GM Aims to Make a Profit with Electric Cars by 2021


2018 Chevrolet Volt Bolt EV Premier


Producing battery electric cars is an expensive business. In fact, most automakers who put one into production lose money on that model for years. This is mostly due to the high cost of the lithium-ion batteries that power the cars.

Chevrolet Bolt

GM currently sells an electric car in the form of the Chevrolet Bolt. This small car has a lot going for it with a range of over 200 miles and a relatively affordable price tag. However, GM is currently losing money on this car. However, according to GM CEO, Mary Barra, the company plans to make a profit with electric cars by 2021.

According to insiders familiar with GM’s strategy, the key is to cut costs associated with battery production, specifically the amount of cobalt used in the batteries. Cobalt is the most expensive component in a lithium-ion battery and the price continues to rise. GM’s future battery design uses more nickel, which is both less expensive and produces more energy.

At the same time, GM engineers are working on ways to get more out of their batteries through more efficient packaging and improved energy flow.

Here at Dan Young GM, we are interested to see where this goal will take GM in the electric car industry.

Industry Hints at Cadillac XT4 Production

Cadillac XT4

Recently, Bloomberg reported some early details regarding the Cadillac XT4 production. The XT4 will be a new, smaller SUV in the lineup. According to the report, Cadillac has already begun building a preliminary version of the model at its Fairfax assembly plant in Kansas City.

This new model will give luxury shoppers a new option, while at the same time making better use of the Fairfax plant. The Cadillac lineup currently only has two SUV options, the XT5 and Escalade. Last year, XT5 sales surged 73 percent.

“It’s a new architecture for us, and it is up to the task,” said Johan de Nysschen, President of Cadillac. “It’s the right size, dynamics and sophistication to attain what I believe is worthy of a Cadillac in this segment.”

The Fairfax plant currently producing the Chevrolet Malibu and the new Cadillac XT4 will share a platform with the Malibu to help defray some of the costs.

We have also learned that the all-new XT4 will likely make its debut in March at the New York Auto Show. In addition, sales of the new SUV are expected to start before the end of this year.

Here at Dan Young GM, we can’t wait to get the new XT4 on our showroom floor. What features do you hope to see?

New Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra to Lose Weight

2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

The full-size truck segment is one of the most competitive in the industry, meaning even slight changes can be a game changer. Literally sticking to the saying “Go big or go home,” General Motors (GM) is out to take the full-size pickup segment by storm. According to multiple sources, the new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra will see some serious weight loss in the near future.

GM already utilizes weight-saving materials, including high-strength steel and aluminum, but engineers recognized the potential for an even lighter truck. To further reduce the weight of the new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, General Motors will offer a carbon fiber bed.

While carbon fiber isn’t dirt cheap, the difference in weight could increase fuel economy, effectively saving drivers in the long run. In addition to better fuel economy, the trucks will likely benefit from increased performance and handling as well.

Alternatively, GM could forego increased fuel economy and increase the sheer capability of both trucks instead. Considering the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado already offers a towing capacity of up to 12,500 pounds, increased capability could give it an edge over top competitors.

The new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra are scheduled to debut at the 2018 Detroit International Auto Show next year.


We here at Dan Young GM can’t wait to see the new-and-improved pickups!

2018 GMC Sierra

2018 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT All Terrain Double Cab