The New Chevy Colorado ZH2

Chevy Colorado ZH2 Every buyer has specific qualifications that they’re looking for in a vehicle. But when automakers are building an Army vehicle, the details are even more important. An Army-ready vehicle needs to be extremely capable, reliable, and preferably quiet. According to Fox News Writer Allison Barrie, General Motors (GM) recently paired with the US Army to explore the best possible way to establish all of these needs and more.

The result? The new Chevy Colorado ZH2. This innovative truck recently made an appearance at the Association of the United States Army, where it attracted plenty of attention for its intelligent design points. Built on the foundation of the reliable mid-size Chevrolet Colorado pickup, the Chevy Colorado ZH2 features a modified suspension that makes it capable of handling all kinds of terrains. The truck is also powered by hydrogen fuel-cells, making it extremely quiet. Having the ability to go unnoticed during operations is an important feature as well.

The US Army and GM are still testing the Chevy Colorado ZH2 to see whether it’s set for combat. If it makes the cut, it will be the first combat vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel-cells. We’re looking forward to seeing the outcome of the Chevy Colorado ZH2 at Dan Young GM, especially knowing that the Chevrolet Colorado pickup is such an excellent truck on its own.